Sunday, July 12, 2009

New website/blog!

So I finally consolidated my website and my blog and now I have a new address.

I won't be updating this blogspot/blogger site anymore, so please begin using this new link:

Thank you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shots on Up

I need to consolidate my website with this blog, since it's so hard to update the website... In the meantime, here is a list of shots I animated on Up:

- Young Ellie and young Carl are sitting inside the tent, in Carl's room. Ellie flips the page on her adventure book and says "Paradise Falls... A land lost in time", "I ripped this right out of a..." "Who knows what lives...??" "Well, I'm saving these pages..."

- After Carl finishes cutting off some balloons to bring Russell down to the ground and says "Here, I'll give you some change for the bus fare." Russell walks over to pick up his backpack.

- The long shot where Russell is trying to climbing on top of Carl to get up to the house, and starts kicking him in the face. Carl says "Now when you get up there, go ahead and hoist..."

- The two shots where Russell is on the bird's feet and they are swinging from side to side. "Please, I'll get the food for him, I'll walk him, I'll change his newspapers!"

- Russell only in the shots when they're sitting by the campfire. The 5 shots begin when Russell says "Phyllis isn't my mom!", "But, he promised he'd come to my explorer ceremony..." until the close-up of him holding his Scout Badge Sash.

- The 1 shot where the bird hugs Russell goodbye, taps Carl on the head, hisses to Dug and leaves.

- Muntz walks from the shade into the light "...all a misunderstanding. My dogs made a mistake." He coughs and says "Yes", and mocks himself "Adventure is out there!"

- After Carl puts the picture back in the Adventure Book, all the shots where he flips through the pages until he looks up and stops himself from crying and starts closing the book.

- Russell gets inside the Spirit of Adventure through the window and lands on the floor, "Yes! Don't worry Kevin...". He starts the leafblower and Gamma's jowls start blowing in the wind.

- 3 shots whew the bird, Russell, Dug and Muntz break through the window, Muntz' foot gets caught and he falls back with the balloons.

I've been trying to paint some more lately. If I get anything looking decent, I'll post it up here!